Decorative Items

With an extensive background in the creative side of advertising and television production, we modestly like to think the team heading up the decorative items side of Lacewing has a good eye.

Though you can be the judge by taking a look at the wide variety of decorator’s pieces on display in our shop window.

Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of styles and genres. Sourced both from here in the UK,  and from France and Rajasthan.

Much of which is either antique, or more likely vintage and given a new lease of life, all chosen with the single-minded aim of inspiring collectors and decorators alike.

(We never forget, one man’s trash is another man’s trash if not chosen with a discerning eye.)

As well as adding indispensable depth to compliment the soft furnishings arm of Lacewing Interiors, our Decorative Items department also proudly stands alone.

Sourcing to order forms an integral part of our offering. Something we do for private clients and interior decorators alike, across a wide range of differing environments in both the residential and commercial sectors.

In short, if there’s something specific you’d like us to source on your behalf, please do contact us.